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The Understatement in Choosing a Hard Suitcase

Flying from point to point is an assortment of fun and stress. One thing that can lead you to the latter is when shopping for the best hard suitcase.

There is a wide variety of luggage lines to choose from, be it hard suitcases or the soft ones. Those two kinds of luggage have their own distinct quality that separates them from one another. So without any ideas about the makings of a good piece of suitcase can cause more hassle in your travels. It’s just a matter of personal convenience, so let’s just assume that you prefer a hard suitcase over its soft counterpart. There are several factors to consider in choosing the right one for you this is a link.

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Durability is the number one concern for travelers. Of course, you don’t want to leave your valuables unattended in public places so you have to make sure that your luggage is safe from any breakages. Hard cases are better shielded to protect your things from spills and are much easier to keep dry when it’s raining or in snow. Hard suit cases is more advisable for jetsetters whose luggage are prone to wet or muddy surfaces as these type of cases are well-suited for all weather unlike soft cases that absorb water and are tough to clean.

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      One crucial point to remember is to check what material your luggage is made from. If your hard suitcase is made from cheap plastic, expect a crack sooner or later. These plastic pieces are more economical but consider the circumstances that may arise like rushing to catch up a flight then suddenly you find your luggage breaking apart.

      To avoid the hassles, and for ideal storage of your valuable things like expensive gadgets, laptops or cameras, it is advisable to choose a suitcase made of metal.

      It is also worth noting the country from where your luggage was made. There are brands made from other countries that can fairly compete with the local US brands. If you have one made from China but overseen by the leather masters from Italy it can turn out to last you a lifetime.

      Zippers and Stiches



      Always find time to check out the zippers and stiches because these are the things that can tell if your suitcase has a top of the line quality. Remember, more stitches means better construction and you can tell that the makers gave value to durability. Make sure to check if it doesn’t have sloppy stiches that can easily split apart.

      A reinforced stitching couple with good riveting can give your luggage a balanced support as nothing could be sagging or loose especially when lifting it up.

      Pay attention closely to the zippers. When buying suitcases, you must always see to it that the zippers are evenly easy to zip open and closed and free from holes and gapes. If you see it that way then you are in for a good ride.

      Interior Capacity

      Measuring the outside is one thing but measuring the inside is another thing. More rooms are everything for a traveler’s convenience. Upon buying a hard suitcase always check out for yourself if it has more space to store your belongings as most manufacturers to not indicate the interior measurements.

      Consider squared edges from curved ones as volume is compromised with cases that have curved edges.

      Outer compartments should be integrated and are set with the same dimensions as the whole case. This aspect of measurement can provide for more appropriate and even distribution of storage and can make your luggage more multi-purpose in your itineraries.



      It is known beforehand that hard suit cases tend to crack and break apart easily than its soft counterparts. That is why companies have been thoroughly making innovations for better quality. They are now using polycarbonate materials which are softer and provide more flexibility to absorb impact in case the case is thrown or dropped on to hard surfaces.

      Amazingly, these hard cases can even be lighter than soft cases as they are sophisticatedly made of very flexible materials such as the ones used to make contact lenses and are very scratch resistant.

      Also, hard suit cases are more convenient for frequent travelers as they rather have four wheels than two so it is more transportable in train stations or airports. The maneuvering is easier as it is set on a 360 degree wheels providing more stability and balance.

      Customer Service and Guarantee

      The one thing that separates companies that stays with its customers and companies that leave customers behind after buying their products is customer service.

      Most buyers do not consider the importance of customer service. This is the part that is always taken lightly and snubbed. Customer service is the one aspect that should be taken into consideration because it can tell if the company has been in the business for a long time and that it never ceases to connect with the customers.

      To make things simple, a product with a customer service that can provide assistance for its buyers is a sign that quality is being prioritized among others. So if you are choosing to buy what you think is the best hard suitcase for your own convenience, you need to make sure that you are provided with contact information such as real-time support hotline numbers, email address and online support. These are the makings of a good customer service for a quality product.

      Another thing is guarantee. Having your hard suitcases warranted by the company is a sign that you are buying an item in good condition that in case of damages the buyer can always come up for a free repair instead of spending for a replacement.


      Nowadays, I would normally see people traveling with hard suitcases than soft cases. That means it is more preferred over its softer counterpart. And the reason behind that, aside from being more water resistant and no bad smells, is because it stands apart as the more reliable piece due to its improvement in conforming to today’s sophistication and the ever-needed travel comfort. Hard suit case moves ahead of the pack for every traveler’s needs. It is an assurance that they cannot go wrong in choosing the best piece as long as the above are taken into consideration.