Whether traditional aluminium cases or light luggage made of the high-tech material polycarbonate, the Rimowa design is unmistakable due to the groove structure of its case shells. An innovative approach and exceptional demands when it comes to quality are just a couple of the aspects that make Rimowa one of Europes leading luggage manufacturers.

Made in Germany, Rimowas slogan, Handwerk meets Hightech or Handcraft Meets High Tech is a sneak peek into the process of creating these unique cases. With high demands on the creation, quality, function, and design of Rimowa briefcases and luggage, each piece provides an authentic vacation experience as one of the most gripping travel companions of the world. Every case tells a story with Rimowa cases and luggage.

With its bold, edgy and sleek design, Rimowa luggage brings stylish versatility and supreme organization to savvy professionals on the move. The grooved design of Rimowa luggage was developed by the founders son, and has became Rimowas signature and a lasting example of beautiful luggage design.

Altman Luggage

Rimowa Salsa 32" Sport Multiwheel 103L 81080


awesome bag, always excited to see how much i can pack in it.

Rimowa Topas Sport Multiwheel Electronic Tag 100L 9238000502


I love getting ready for a big trip knowing i have this piece ready to hold all my travel needs :). It's always a conversation starter at the airport with people asking me how the e-tag works and where they can get one. Im waiting for all the airlines to catchup and let me use the e-tag feature. It's super easy to walk with , i even let my kids sit on it when the wait for check in is too long.

Rimowa Bolero 21" Cabin Multiwheel IATA 37L Black Matte 8655332402

Great luggage

awesome luggage. the pocket in the front for my laptop and tablet make it so easy to access my stuff when im at the airport or on the plane. i've taken it on 30 flights already and every one always asks me where i can get one.

Rimowa Topas Stealth Multiwheel Electronic Tag - 63.5 L 9246301502


ordered the topas from altman. got it in two days. i must say im impressed. its so light every one always asks me about the e-tag. the wheels make it really easy to maneuver through streets. the silver shows some dings from baggage claim but i don't mind that

Rimowa Classic Flight 26" Multiwheel 60L 97163004

Desirable and affordable

The cross strap is a simple way to keep your items from mixing up and keep things settled. They are elastic...so the luggage space is comfortable.