Montegrappa Q1 Fountain Pen, Silver - Model: ISQ1N_TC

Montegrappa Q1 Fountain Pen, Silver - Model: ISQ1N_TC


To be launched at Baselworld 2015, Q1 is Montegrappa’s most bold statement yet of its commitment to broadening the notion of a modern fountain pen. Though created without a precedent, the Q1 pen joins Montegrappa’s Cult Collection for it intrinsically embodies the concept of “cult” in its definition beyond “a special interest group or sect.” In this context, Q1 creates its own following, for its concept and appeal reflect wholly original thinking and practice. Q1 respects no boundaries. It is unashamedly modernist, and yet its roots are in the venerable art of handwriting and drawing. No space-age feeder system nor trick cartridge: Q1 is boldly and emphatically a fountain pen, and only a fountain pen. It embraces the most fluid and elegant form of writing instrument yet devised, but one with history. The revolutionary aspect of Q1 is its presentation in a truly radical form, with features not found before in a pen. A mere glance informs the observer – both pen enthusiast and casual onlooker – that this pen is special, original, ground-breaking. Its appeal is unapologetically masculine, yet its functionality is unisexual, for it boasts an amazing choice of materials and design, with the convenience of interchangeable colours. Above all, it is a technological statement, an advance on all pens that came before it. Q1 draws its design inspirations from the fascinating world of firearms, exercised in a manner that shares a “steampunk” sensibility with Montegrappa’s “Grappa” pen, also in the Cult Collection. While the purpose of weapons is combative, their construction and aesthetic have always been a product of function, allied to standards of manufacturing quality, materials and finish that have been emulated by car makers, camera designers and now, by a pen producer. Fusion is the key, with Q1 marrying ultra-tough and hard titanium for the pen’s barrel with titanium and fine Italian leather for the pen cap, Stainless steel has been employed for the internal parts of the pen, while tradition demands that an 18K gold nib with filigree Montegrappa logo is fitted at the writing end. A plethora of intriguing technical details ensure that the user will return again and again to the Q1 to discover fresh features. The Montegrappa octagonal pattern on both leather and titanium creates a contrasting surface with a different tactility to that of the matte-finish barrel. The cap locks onto the barrel with a slot-and-pin system reminiscent of a gun scope or camera lens. The arched pocket clip features the signature ball end-piece for smooth ingress and egress to and from pockets. Q1 is the fruit of two years research, which culminated in the invention of a unique multiple cartridge loading system. This system makes it possible for the Q1 pen to write with several ink colours by changing four different cartridges. The mechanism, similar to the one of a bullet cylinder in a gun, is contained entirely inside the pen barrel and is the subject of a registered industrial patent. Q1 will be produced in an edition of only 100 pieces, and will be available only in a fountain pen mode. Appropriately, the Q1’s packaging is as exclusive as the fountain pen itself. Inspired by the robustness and functionality of an ammunition case, the chest is made of wood, with soft lining to protect the contents. It is fitted with a number of compartments to accommodate both the pen and its accessories, including auxiliary hardware for its continued maintenance: a pair of gloves, a set of tissues and spare ink cartridges.
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