Cabin Zero

The Cabin Zero Story

It all started in India, way back in 1993. The world was in recession and decent jobs were hard to come by. So, passport in hand, traveler's cheques signed and a giant bag on my back, off I went. The trip was life-changing, but the bag sucked (to put it bluntly).

Six months later, I was on the road again, having swapped my useless backpack for a big travel bag with a rigid frame. My stomach, bank balance and love of travel remained intact, but - surprise, surprise - the bag broke.

I spent the next year battling leaky suitcases, broken straps and massively over-sized backpacks, continually wondering why no one had come up with a workable solution. Why was I letting my luggage dictate my travel - wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

It took three trips to India to finally crack bag-gate. Fed up of lugging giant, impractical bags around the world, I downsized to hand luggage - and never looked back. Sure, I had to make some compromises when it came to contents, but I knew I could buy anything I really needed on the road.

Without doubt, smaller = better when it came to buying a new travel backpack.

Travelling light was truly liberating. Plus, saving all that time at check-in meant extra time for a pre-flight beer!

Years spent island hopping in Asia and flying round the world on business trips had convinced me of the need to pack light. But why were other travellers still struggling through the airport with all their worldly possessions balanced on their back?

Perhaps I was simply getting too old to put up with the backache...


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