Zagat Reviews

Zagat Reviews

Shopping: Luggage

Whether you're a frequent flyer or overdue for a getaway, you may need to invest in a new suitcase before your next trip. Zagat was our travel guide for finding luggage stores in the city.

Altman Luggage
135 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

One destination the shopping guide points to is Altman Luggage on the Lower East Side.

Zagat says whether you're "hunting for a last-minute bag" or just a "fair price on good luggage" you can find what you're look for at this "crowded" store. Customers suggest, "forget how it looks" and turn to the "product savvy" staff for "advice." Regulars add, when it comes to the price, there's "lots of room for negotiation."

Out of a possible 30, Altman Luggage scores a 24 for quality, a 13 for display, and a 20 for service. Surveyors say prices here are moderate. The store is closed on Saturdays.

- Shazia Khan