Stress Free Airline Travel - How To Choose the Best Carry-On Luggage

NEW YORK, NY - April 26, 2011 -  Air travel is often a stressful exercise, what with packing, flight delays, security pat-downs, cramped quarters, and arranging transportation to and from airports.  One of the easiest ways to reduce potential sources of stress while traveling by airline is to make your luggage choices carefully and select the best carry-on luggage possible.  According to Emmet Adames, a luggage expert with over 35 years of experience at Altman Luggage Co., “There are four things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect carry-on bag: size, weight, design, and durability.”

The size of carry-on luggage is essential because if the bag cannot fit within the overhead bin, or below the seat in front of you, the bag must be checked in. The luggage size most commonly accepted by airline carriers is 45 linear inches (22”x14”x9”).  However, luggage size regulations depend on the airline carrier and it is something to confirm before embarking on a trip.  The size of the luggage also impacts your seating comfort, especially if you want to preserve as much leg room as possible.

Adames explains, “Most airline seats are designed for people less than six feet tall, so for the rest of us who are not as small, we need every bit of leg room we can get, including the space under the seat in front of us. Try to keep that space as free as possible by choosing smaller luggage.”

Kipling  makes a great sack-type bag that is large enough to carry most items you would want accessible on an airplane, but is still small enough to allow a good amount of leg room below the seat in front.  This over the shoulder bag is designed to promote good posture and is available in leather, nylon, and microfiber versions.

Another important factor is the weight of carry-on luggage.    Some carriers have a weight limit of 40 pounds.  To avoid complications, shoot for a carry-on under 10 pounds.  This allows you to stow your carry-on luggage comfortably without exceeding the weight limit. 

The design of your carry-on luggage can help make your trip more comfortable.  Four-wheel spinner technology works best for maneuvering luggage, outer pockets and sleeves are an essential feature, and nylon coil self-mending zippers from YKK are preferred due to their strength.

Finally, choose durable carry-on luggage.  Solid frames and tear resistant ballistic nylons protect everything inside your luggage, and precisely engineered wheels and handles impact your ability to handle your luggage with ease.  PVC luggage frames are recommended, and for hard side bags, polycarbonate is preferred due to its sturdy, flexible, and lightweight qualities.

Luggage from makers such as Samsonite are not only lightweight and sturdy, but their design thoughtfully includes spinner wheels to allow 360-degree movement.

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