What Do You Do If Your Luggage Gets Lost

The question of what to do if your luggage gets lost is quite a hard one. We've all heard the horror stories of the airline losing everything you could ever imagine. But something as simple as lost luggage can ruin a trip if not mar it severely. While you tell yourself that you shouldn't let lost luggage ruin a trip, it has a way of doing that if you didn't plan for the worst. To help you form a plan for what to do if you have lost your luggage, here is a look at what you can do to not let it ruin your trip.

The first thing to do once you have determined that your luggage isn't going to come down the carousel is to not panic and don't get too angry. This happens to thousands of travelers everyday and if you travel enough, it's inevitable that it's going to happen to you. Next grab your Bosca briefcase and any other carryon items and head to the lost luggage counter of the airport. These can sometimes be a bit tricky to find but they are usually located in the same area as the luggage carousel. If not, airport staff can point you in the right direction. Often times the airline simply miss placed your luggage but it is at least at the right airport. If this is the case they can usually retrieve it fairly quickly. If they can't find it and determine that your luggage is on a plane Guam you have to quickly come to terms with the fact that you won't have access to your luggage anytime soon.

The airline will have you fill out a few forms and give you a file locater number which you will use to reference the status of finding your bag. Once your luggage is found they will contact you to get it back to you. Most airlines will actually deliver it straight to your house which is quite convenient. Also, most airlines will reimburse you for reasonable expenses incurred as result of the lost luggage. This means that you can get reimbursed for buying some of the essentials that every traveler needs, but don't think you can go out and buy fur coats and get reimbursed.

The thing to remember is that you should still enjoy your trip. Your luggage will be found eventually and on the bright side you get to go buy a few new outfits with a guilt free conscience. There are few places in the world with an airport that you won't be able to find the essentials and while it might not be your exact style, you will be okay.

With these tips you will not only know what to do when you lose your luggage but also how to not let it ruin your trip. Bon voyage!

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