Visconti Mirage Mythos Athena Fountain Pen

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Visconti is pleased to present the latest addition to the Mythos collection: Athena.

Greek mythology teaches that the Olympian gods are immortal beings, governing the life and death of human beings. 

"'Telemachus', the bright-eyed goddess Athena reassured him, 'some of the words you'll find within yourself, the rest some power will inspire you to say."' 



This year we celebrate the goddess Athena, who in ancient Greece was associated with wisdom, warfare and handicraft, but who later, since the Italian Renaissance, became an international symbol of wisdom, the arts and classical learning. 

The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature tells us that In Homer's epic works Athena's most common epithet is "Glaukopis" that is "bright-eyed" or "with gleaming eyes", which has also been interpreted to mean blue-eyed or grayish blue-eyed, the colors of the sea and wise and alert like an owl. 

This pen is a perfect inspiration for artists and writers who can channel this muse as they enjoy expressing themselves with this beautiful sea blue Mythos, a color which itself symbolizes serenity, inspiration and wisdom. 

The Mirage Mythos features a familiar design with exciting innovations:
  • Large steel 'German made' nib plated in yellow gold vermeil
  • Brass grip section in a soft brushed satin finish.
  • New center ring engraved with the inscription, MYTHOS and a V to emulate a stylized Mount Olympus
  • Closure: Magnetic
  • Material: Acrylic Resin with Bronze Shading
  • Trims: Brass with Yellow Gold Vermeil in a Satin Finish

  • Filling System: FP: Cartridge/Converter  

  • Material: Acrylic Resin with Bronze Shading

  • Trims: Brass with Yellow Gold Vermeil in a Satin Finish

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